Brian's Winter, another choice
Gary Paulsen

Reading Level: 6.5
Words: 35,000
Questions: 10
Points: 6.0

1. What happened when Brian kicked the bear?

a. It scooped Brian up with a paw and flung him away.
b. It grunted and ran away.
c. It growled and chased him around the fire.
d. It slowly backed away from Brian.

2. Why did Brian decide he needed to create a stronger bow?

a. The gun was broken and he needed protection from large animals.
b. He wanted to go hunting for a moose.
c. His old bow broke and he decided to replace it with a stronger one.
d. He wanted to hunt for the bear and kill it before it returned to the camp.

3. What did Brian use to create the arrowhead for his new bow?

a. Flint
b. Bone
c. Steel
d. Iron

4. How did the pack of wolves help Brian?

a. They killed a deer and he ate the remains.
b. They howled at night and warned him of danger.
c. They led him away from danger.
d. They chased off the bear when it was about to attack.

5. Who was Betty?

a. A skunk
b. A moose
c. A bear
d. A chipmunk

6. How did Brian escape from the bear the second time?

a. The skunk sprayed the bear in the face.
b. The moose chased away the bear.
c. Brian defended himself with his new bow and arrow.
d. Brian ran down to the water and jumped into the lake.

7. How did Brian survive the extremely cold weather?

a. He sewed animal skins together to make warm clothing.
b. He stayed in his shelter and didn't come out.
c. He found warm clothing in his supply bag.
d. He made warm clothing by sewing the leaves of a special plant.

8. What gave Brian the idea of making snowshoes?

a. Watching a rabbit run on the snow
b. Thinking about a book he had read
c. Watching the bear walking through snow
d. Watching animals walk on ice

9. What caused the trees to make loud popping noises?

a. It was so cold they were freezing and exploding.
b. Branches were snapping off the trees and falling on the ground.
c. Animals were breaking limbs off the trees.
d. The trees were rubbing together and creating loud noises.

10. How did Brian's ordeal end?

a. Brian discovered a trapper and his family living nearby.
b. A plane flew overhead and saw his signal fire.
c. He was rescued after fixing the broken radio.
d. His parents hired searchers who eventually found him.