Brian's Winter
Author: Gary Paulsen

RL 6.5
Words 35,000
Questions 10
points 6

1. What happened when Brian was attacked by a bear?

he was saved by a skunk
he was saved by a moose
he was saved by lightening
he shot the bear

2. What did Brian name the skunk?


3. What did Brian use to draw pictures on the rock wall?

Charcoal from the fire
Blood from the rabbit
Smashed berries
Mud from the creek

4. Where did Brian get the idea of how to make the shelter airtight?

A beaver
the skunk
the bear

5. Brian got the leftovers when the wolves killed what?

a deer
a bear
a moose
an owl

6. How did Brian soften the hide?

by pulling it back and forth over wood
chewing it
soaking it
chewing and soaking it

7. Watching what gave Brian the idea to make snowshoes?

the rabbits
the fish
the wolves
the beaver

8. What holiday did Brian celebrate?

His birthday
Groundhog day

9. Why were the trees exploding?

cold weather (freezing temperatures)

10. Why was Brian upset when the wolves ate the moose?

It wasn't dead
the moose was his friend
he had been tracking it
they had invaded his territory