Amos Goes Bananas
Author: Gary Paulsen

RL 5.0
words 3500
points 1

1. Amos hurt his face

when it got smashed in the cash register
in the dishwasher
when Dunc closed the door on it
when it got caught in the truck window

2. Dunc told the store manager that Amos

had just come out of brain surgery
was his cousin from England
had escaped from a mental hospital
was dying of cancer

3. Dunc talked to the gorilla using

a computer
sign language
a phone
a chalkboard

4. Amos got into trouble on the fieldtrip when

the gorilla pulled him into her cage
he fed the gorilla cookies
he tripped and broke the bus window
he knocked over the tour guide

5. Amos had to write a report about the

Acorn worm

6. Amos and Dunc told the security guard that they were

in charge of cleaning cages
with a special tour group
working on a report for school

7. Dunc and Amos told Henry they were

FBI agents

8. Dunc and Amos hid Louise in

Dunc's treehouse
Amos' garage
Melissa's room
the neighbor's garage

9. Amos hit Rudy with

a cheese ball
a chair
a cake
a punch bowl

10. The cake landed on

Dunc's mother