Strategies for Teaching the 6 Traits

Strategies for Voice



Dot McCorkle

  • Read stories or passages to the students and ask them to tell words or phrases that make them see pictures in their minds.
  • Jot these down on the board or on a chart.
  • Compare how different authors create the same pictures using different words. For example, sadness.
  • Keep these phrases posted, so students can use them in their own writing.
  • Write pieces based on various images, let the students read their pieces to the class, and let the class tell what it made them "see" (or feel) and why.

David Woessner

This idea also makes a good beginning of the year activity.

  • Pass out an index card to each student. On the card, students write the following:

  • Something about themselves that they have in common with most people in the group. (eg. -- I am a second grader.)
  • Something else about themselves that they have in common with most people in the group. (eg. -- I like to go to recess.)
  • Something about themselves that they might have in common with some people in the group. (eg. -- I have a pet dog.)
  • Something about themselves that is fairly unique. (eg. -- I went rock-climbing every Saturday over the summer.)
  • The teacher collects the cards and, throughout the day, chooses a card, and reads the first sentence. All people who fit in that catagory, stand up. The teacher reads the second sentence. If it doesn't apply to you, then sit down. The teacher continues reading the sentences. After the 4th one, there should be only one person standing. That person may share the unique experience. If there are two or more, each person can share the experience.

Sandra Doughman

  • Students can build verb and adjective lists, possibly through the use of newspapers and magazines. When reading, make note of words which certain characters or authors use often.
  • Students can write a sequel to a story that they have already read.
  • Students can rewrite a story in play format.

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