Story Souvenirs

Titles Beginning With L and M

Legend of Indian Paintbrush Tomie DePaola dimestore paintbrush
Leo the Late Bloomer Robert Kraus flower shape or sticker
Liang and the Magic Paintbrush Demi paintbrush
Lily   Gold star sticker
Little Bear Else Homelund Minarik finger puppet
or paperbag puppet
Little House on the Praire Laura Ingalls Wilder new shiny penny (kids in story get them at Christmas)
Lon Po Po Ed Young Chinese noodles
Love You Forever Robert Munsch paper or candy heart
Make Way for Ducklings Robert McLerran Ellison press duck
Maniac Magee Jerry Spinelli a knotted piece of twine
then have a contest to see who can untie theirs the quickest
Marianthe's Story: Painted Words and Spoken Memories Aliki watercolor set
Martha Calling Susan Meddaugh alphabet pasta glued in a tiny paper bowl of red soup
Max's Chocolate Chicken Rosemary Wells jellybeans
Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel Virginia Lee Burton a Lego block (building the Town Hall)
or a baggie of dirt
Milk: From Cow to Carton Aliki small milk carton from cafeteria
Millions of Cats Wand Gag bean painted gray with Sharpie drawn face
Morri's Disappearing Bag   small drawstring sack
(get parents to sew)
Mrs. Wishy Washy Joy Cowley Tiny soap bar
Mud Puddle Munsch small soap
Mudcakes   chocolate pudding
Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters John Steptoe fabric snake
(cut it crosswise on fake fur, about 2-3" long, and it will move when stroked)
Music Story (generic)   musical note die cut
or a note shaped from pipe cleaner
My Feet Aliki die cut of feet

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