Story Souvenirs

Titles Beginning With C, D, and E

Caps for Sale Esphyr Slobadkina monkey from a Barrel of Monkeys game from the dollar store
Chair For My Mother Vera B. Williams penny
Charlotte's Web E.B. White plastic spider ring
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom John Archambault cocunut shell (piece of) or paper coconut tree with a few bits of alphabet pasta attached
Chicken Little Various tiny Ellison cut out apple
Christmas Stories (generic)   tree, icicle, ornament hook, time ornament, small candy cane
Chrysanthymum Kevin Henkes flower of a mum plant
Clever Tom and the Leprechaun Linda Shute pebble sprayed gold
or a piece of red ribbon
Clifford Norman Bridwell dog biscuit in the shape of a dog bone
Clocks and More Clocks Hutchins 2 construction paper clock hands joined with a brad
or a clock stamped on paper
Corduroy Don Freeman button
Corn is Maize: The Gift fo the Indians Aliki dried grains of corn, popcorn
Cucumber Soup Vickie Leigh Krudwig plastic ants
Curious George H.A. Rey die cut of a monkey
or of a yellow hat.
Danny and the Dinosaur Syd Hoff small plastic dinosaurs
Do Not Open This Book? Joy Cowley piece of spagetti
Doctor DeSoto   lost tooth holder
Easter Books (generic)   plastic Easter egg
Emperor's New Clothes Various crown from Mardi Gras party supplies
Everybody Needs a Rock Byrd Baylor small stone

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