Story Souvenirs

Titles Beginning With The Napping through The Z

The Napping House Audrey Wood Monopoly house from the game or a milk carton house
The Paper Bag Princess Robert Munsch paper lunch bag
The Pinballs Betsy Cromer Burnett small marbles
The Popcorn Book Tomie DePaola popcorn kernals
The Rainbow Fish Marcus Pfister silver piece of tinfoil, colored fish
The Sand Castle Shannon Brenda Yee sand/piece of sandpaper
The Secret Garden Frances Hodgson artificial flower
The Story of Johnny Appleseed Aliki apple seeds
The Story of Little Babji Bannerman paper umbrella (for cocktails)
The Stupids Allard picture of something mislabeled
The Talking Eggs Robert D. SanSouci small Easter egg erasers
The Tiny Woman's Coat Joy Cowley leaf, seed and brown thread
The Very Busy Spider Eric Carle spider ring
The Very Hungry Caterpilar Eric Carle leaf/pompom as caterpillar
The Widows Broom Van Allsburg miniature broom

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