Story Souvenirs

Titles Beginning With A

50 Degrees Below Zero Munsch paper thermometer
A Box Can Be Many Things Dana Meachen Rau small box
Abiyoyo P. Seeger Popsicle sticks painted black with white tip
(the wand the father used)
Acorn Magic Maggie Stern acorn
Albert's Alphabet L. Tryon blunt-nosed screw
Alexander and the Wind Up Mouse Leo Lionni glass blobs
Alexander Who Used To Be Rich Last Sunday Judith Viorst penny
All By Myself M. Mayer Gold Star
Amadillo Rodeo Jan Brett swatch of fabric resembling buckskin
or cowboy boot
Amazon Alphabet Kathy Darling picture of gorilla holding the letter G
Anansi Stories Various plastic spiders
pebble for Anansi and the Moss Covered Rock
Arctic Animal Story (generic)   small square of white fur (fabric or craft store)
Are You My Mother? P.D. Eastman tiny nest and/or tiny bird from craft store
Ask Mr. Bear M. Flack pipe cleaner hug (just make a circle out of it)
At the Wish of a Fish J. Patrick Lewis Goldfish snack crackers

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