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Susan Nixon, MA Ed.
Teacher Planning Network

About the Teacher:

Susan Nixon received a Master of Arts in Education in 1986 from Northern Arizona University. Her Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education was received in 1976 from Kean College of New Jersey. For the past 21 years, Mrs. Nixon has taught grades K-6 in Arizona and New Mexico.

Cartwright School District in Phoenix, Arizona, employs Mrs. Nixon and often utilizes her skills as an inservice presenter. In the past, she has presented inservice sessions on geography, writing, lesson planning, and science. This year, the district provided 6 Traits training to allow Mrs. Nixon to be a teacher trainer in the district.

Teacher Planning Network is the business under whose auspices Mrs. Nixon does inservice presentations for districts other than her home district of Cartwright.

About the Course:

Overview: The 6Traits of Writing were developed by the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory in the mid-1980s. Since that time, many states, including Oregon, Kansas and Arizona, have adopted the traits and associated rubrics as mandatory writing evaluation for K-12 students.

The 6 Traits are Voice, Ideas, Organization, Sentence Fluency, Word Choice, and Conventions. Each trait has 6-step rubrics for both K-2 students and 3-12 students.

Course Outline:

Week of July 5 - Trait of Voice:

Week of July 12 - Trait of Ideas:

Week of July 19 - Trait of Word Choice:

Week of July 26 - Trait of Sentence Fluency:

Week of August 2 - Trait of Organization:

Week of August 9 - Trait of Conventions:

August 13-15, 1999 - Writer's Workshop:

Discussion of Writer’s Workshop and how to incorporate the 6Traits as mini-lessons within the workshops.

All rubrics, both K-2 and 3-12, will be posted on our class web site. Strategies which teachers contribute will also be posted on the site.

Additionally, several ideas came up during the course and we expanded on them as resources for 6 Traits teachers. Therefore, there are synonyms for commonly outlawed words which are overused, such as said.

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