Spelling Strategy Chart
Based on information in The Teacher's Guide to the Four Blocks
by Pat Cunningham, Dottie Hall, and Cheryl Sigmon
Adapted By Stephany Jess, Cartwright School District, Phoenix, Arizona

Spelling Strategy

  1. Stretch the word. Say it carefully and slowly.
  2. Say the word a second time. Write the letters for the sounds you hear.
  3. Read the word again slowly. Be sure you have a letter for each sound.
  4. Circle the word to remind yourself to double check the spelling.
  5. Finish your writing piece.
  6. Check all the circled words in a dictionary, on a word wall, with a buddy or the teacher. See how close to correct your spelling is.

Write the strategy on long chart paper or oaktag. The words which are underlined need to be circled or have cloud shapes around them in a bright color. This helps students isolate the actions involved in the strategy.

Teach students to use the procedure. Post the chart in a conspicuous place in the classroom when first taught. Model using the strategy throughout the year in your think aloud during writing workshop mini-lessons.