Valley Forge, Pennsylvania

These pictures include the general surroundings of the valley, and some of the monuments there. All the pictures were taken on the same morning, even though some are sunny and some are snowing!

Label on the Parking Lot Map

13 colonies map on pavement & rental car

Monument to the soldiers, front side
"To the Officers and Private Soldiers of the Continental Army,
December 19, 1777 - June 19, 1778"

Monument to the soldiers, backside, with flag
"Naked and Starving as they are, We cannot enough admire
The incomparable Patience and Fidelity of the Soldiery."

Monument to officers

detail of top

detail, right side
John Armstrong, Brigadier General/J. Peter G. Muhlenberg, Brigadier General

detail, left side
"Josiah Harmer, Lieutenant Colonel/Thomas Mifflin, Major General"

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