Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Memorials at Gettysburg. There are over 1400. Here are some of the Confederate ones I wanted to remember.

A Confederate Memorial - Virginia

"Virginia To Her Sons at Gettysburg"
That little sign? It warns "Hands Off" and a $500 fine for damaging the memorial. Sad to think anyone would.

Site of Pickett's Charge
Further in front of the Virginia Memorial
This is what you would see if your back is to the Memorial.

"About 3 pm, following a furious two-hour cannonade, Confederate infantry launched a massive frontal attack from this ridge against the center of the Union line on Cemetary Ridge ahead. The Confederates who comprised this section of the line were Virginians commanded by Maj. Gen. George E. Pickett.

The Southern attackers, 12,000 strong, surged forward in a line of battle a mile long. As they marched across the Emmitsburg Road and approached the enemy line, the Federals raked them with deadly canister and musket fire. Nevertheless, with unsurpassed courage, the Southerners pressed on.

Pickett's men gained a small lodgment in the Union line at the Angle, but could not hold it. Casualties mounted, and the attack lost momentum. By 4 pm, Confederate survivors came streaming back to the shelter of this ridge. The Confederate tide had reached its high water mark."

Can we even begin to imagine such a scene?

Artist's rendition of a small portion of the scene.

The Louisiana Memorial, my favorite.

Close up of front.

Soldier at the foot of the angel.


Back of angel.

Base of Louisiana Monument

Mississippi: Standing Over a Fallen Comrade

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