Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

These are pictures from present-day Seminary Ridge. Most of the buildings are post-Civil War, but still 19th century.

Milton Valentine Hall

Close-up, top of Valentine Hall

"Lutheran Theological Seminary, Founded 1826."

This sign, in front of Valentine Hall, seems to indicate that this might be the original Seminary building, but we were not able to determine that with certainty.

Example of the low stone walls which are all along this area.

First historic homesite, as one crosses from the Seminary to the private homes.

A monument on the corner by the first house.

"Co. D, 149th PA Vol.
2. Brig. 3. Div. 1. Army Corps
Headquarter Guards
Erected and presented to the company by George W. Baldwin in memory of his brother, Joseph H. Baldwin, who was killed here July 1, 1863, and Alex. M. Stewart, mortally wounded, dying in Gettysburg, July 6, 1863."

Another historic home on the block. In the late spring and summer, this house would be almost invisible from the point I took the picture. I was trying not to be too invasive of home-owners' privacy. It must be a tiresome thing to live in a home on a popular spot for tourists.

Turning in the other direction, view across the valley where the battle took place. This is looking down from Seminary Ridge, toward the farm. We were there at the right time for the flowering trees!

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