2006 Soldier Quilts

American Hero Quilts

That is the home page of the group with which I am working to create quilts for wounded American soldiers.
They are in need of battings and backings to complete the quilt tops people are sending.
Red, White and Blue fabrics, and variations on those colors, are also needed.
Click on the link above for more information, and how you can help.

For a look at some Children-of-Soldier quilts, a new endeavor, look here

Top Number 35, Sampler
Some blocks donated by Michele in Wyoming, some made by me
Completed 11-1-06

Top Number 36
A quilt for a female soldier
Blocks donated by Weze in Alabama
Completed 11-7-06

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Top Number 37
Squares Strippy.
Moira had sent some 4-patches and some 16 patches, and I had a lot of squares left from various projects, so I put them all together in this top.
Completed 11-21-06

Top Number 38
Star Sampler
A variety of people contributed to this top. Michele donated some blocks left over from her swaps, Moira donated some blocks, the two middle blocks are from Dessa, a pattern tester for Quilter's Cache.
Completed 12-06

Top Number 39
String Magic
This quilt was so much fun to make! I kept sewing together strips left from other projects, and cutting blocks to 10.5". I threw in a few leftovers here and there, including that top row of blocks from Moira. Love this quilt!
Completed 12-06

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All the heart blocks are from Moira, and the rest mostly from Gabriele, with one from Michele, one from Weze, and one from me.
Completed 12-06.

Top Number 40
Hugs and Kisses Quilt

These Shoo-Fly blocks were made entirely of leftover pieces from other projects - 3.5" squares and HSTs. I sewed it as a leader-ender project.

The alphabet blocks were a challenge from Tonya (Lazy Gal Quiltling).
Completed 12-06

Top Number 41
Blocks donated by a number of people, again.
Many of the blocks are from Moira, a few are leftover swap blocks from Michele and Gabriele. The pinwheel in the lower left, and the Sister's Choice in the top row are from Kate Mutch, whose daughter serves in Afghanistan right now.
Completed 12-06

Top Number 42
Heart Sampler

Top Number 43
Quotations 1
Extra Shoo-Fly blocks from Hugs and Kisses quilt.
Completed 12-06

Top Number 44
Quotations 2
Extra Bow Tie blocks from Moira
Completed 12-06.

These last two are a little different! The quotation blocks inquilt 43 and quilt 44 were donated by Paula. She blogged that she felt free from burden, because she'd thrown them away. When I said I could have used them in AmHero quilts, she dug them out and sent them to me.

Completed 12-06

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