Strategies for Teaching the 6 Traits

Strategies for Organization

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Valerie Dehombreux

  • Use a variety of graphic organizers (KWLs, Venn Diagrams, etc.) to teach students to organize their ideas and information.
  • Examine the way different authors write introductions and conclusions to stories and non-fiction works. Encourage students to try writing using their favorite author's intro/ending techniques.

Deb Rastin

  • For the most beginning writers, do a lot of oral sequencing. Read a familiar story and then get someone to tell the beginning and someone else to tell the ending. They stand and say those parts. Then get someone to tell a middle part. Physically place each child at the front, and each child recites his/her part orally each time a piece of the story is added.
  • Cut and paste sequencing works well. Add unrelated pieces for the children to discard. These could be pictures or sentence strips.
  • Picture prompts for letter writing works. Use a body outline with labelled parts Heading (head), Salutation (mouth), Body (tummy area) and Closing (shoelaces).
  • Story Maps help to organize thoughts. These, along with oral rehearsals with a peer, help to get things in order.

Susan Nixon

Have students write directions for an activity, such as making a sandwich. Have peers follow directions.

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